For Home Sellers

As an experienced agent, I can offer homeowners the expertise needed to properly price and stage their homes for a top dollar sale within a reasonable time period. Pricing is most important. Overpriced properties will sit on the market and cause a seller to lose many potential qualified buyers. It’s not just our customized, strategic plan that sets us apart. We focus on success through exceptional service based on your needs and lifestyle. I will, as your NextHome agent, become a valuable advocate for you to help you achieve your needs.

Shopping for a home shopping is an emotional experience. Visual impressions matter. Buyers searching for a place, to live, raise a family, and build a life and future form opinion starting with curb appeal and ending in the back yard including every detail in between. Buyers will focus on the specific features, neighborhood, appearance, and everything in between. They will comparison shop. They will compare prices, amenities, everything, even including the driveway! The bottom line is: – the appearance of your home will directly impact the maximum dollar you can get in today’s market.

Ready to sell?  You have two options. You can attempt to sell it without an agent, or choose an agent that will do the job. If you choose to attempt a sale on your own, use the tips below to help you get the results you desire. If you choose to sell it with an agent, please consider why you should allow me to work for you:
1. Our listing agreement is easy to understand and does not tie you up. I call it our EASY EXIT listing agreement. If for any reason you are not happy with my services you can terminate the agreement at any time. Many agents will demand six or more months, and during that time, you are stuck! Not happy with them? Stuck! Not happy with their service or  attention to your needs? Stuck! With my EASY EXIT agreement, you can fire me at any time without any fees of any sort.
2. Many agents and their companies charge additional fees besides the commission. These fees generally run hundreds of dollars. They are commonly referred to as transaction fees, and I feel it is honest and fair not to ask for them. You make more money, and I am happy that I was able to put more money in your pocket.

Here is a partial list of home features, tips and things you can consider in sprucing up your home for that first date with your homebuyer. Accomplish a little everyday and soon your home will be ready to make that lasting first impression. You need to make sure the following areas are spruced up to look their best:
Exterior – your curb appeal.
Living room areas – make sure it is presentable, clean, uncluttered, and inviting.
Kitchen – make sure it appears clean inviting, and has a lived-in “home” feel.
Bedrooms – make sure all areas are neat, beds made, and areas are free of clutter.
Garages –  make sure they are clean and uncluttered.
Back yard – make sure all areas are trimmed and neat.
Having a home that is properly “stages” will result in a quicker sale. Open the draperies. Turn on the lights. Stages homes spend 88% LESS TIME on the market.